OUT NOW  Kiss Someone

Written during a long cold lockdown in Melbourne - the winter of our discontent and 2020, this south of the border inflected country/pop love song is fuelled with yearning and longing for a little human touch. 

"Tanya-Lee has always sung with a beautiful style and intent. This new song is a gem. Can't wait to hear the album." - Jack Howard - Hunters & Collectors

"Gorgeous!!!". - Rebecca Barnard

"It's really quite beautiful." - Brian Nankervis - ABC Radio, Rockwiz

"Tanya follows her heart for another lovely song." - Dom Mariani - The Stems, DM3, Magic Kelp

"Love the track. Sounds like a million bucks." - Kerri Simpson

"This is beautiful. I love it!." - Flora Smith - Small Town Romance


Love Town  is a country pop, guitar jangling tale of a late night departure from the honeymoon state and a cross country race in a bid to reconnect. Folky acoustic & baritone guitars blend with tambourine, angelic harmonies and conspire to save hearts on the line.

Featuring Dom Mariani on guitars, Ash Davies; drums,

Ben Franz; bass and Amy Valent Curlis on percussion.

KISS SOMEONE - available April 1st 2021

KISS SOMEONE - available April 1st 2021

NEW SINGLE - out June 11th.




The Duetting Damsel - Juliet was so tired. She crawled across desert sands, climbed mountain ranges and courted fourteen men to get here. So many miles. So many men, So little time.     After releasing three albums of self-penned songs Tanya-Lee Davies turns her attention to a long time love affair with the boy/ girl duet & has records a sonic shrine to the co-mingling of the male / female voice. Fourteen men, one girl, some of Melbourne's most glorious musicians traverse highways and heartache, love gone wrong and right, tears and joy, thrills and epics spills; written by some of the worlds favourite tunesmiths. 

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"There've been some great albums released in 2018, the one I keep coming back to is The Duetting Damsel. An absolute delight." Brian Nankervis TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, Actor, Writer

"This album is sensational.' Brian Wise RRR

"You can tell when someone is born to sing. Tanya-Lee Davies was born to sing, she is a song." Billy Baxter ABC Radio

"I do love the CD, a gem.... The songs and the collaborations." Helen Jennings OAM