Instead of selling my music on this page - which you can buy via the band camp link, or contact me directly - I figured I'd offer you some of my collages.
I don't write and sing all day, sooner or later i need to make a picture... so here are some of my alternate worlds.

These are small universes I create using myriads of materials. I favour imagery that is iconic and mostly feminine.
They usually sell under the title  Collage City.
These are all 10cm x 10cm. They sit inside snow frames (or you can just have the pic and frame it however you like).
They usually have a photo that I've taken as a background (not always) and then I cut tiny pictures and flowers and vintage postcards, and fabrics and glue and layer and layer until I'm satisfied. So there can be as many as 20 layers or as few as half a dozen. They are $75 each plus postage. 

Collage City

Itchycoo Park
  • Itchycoo Park

Itchycoo Park

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Dance like you're making wine ... it ain't heavy it's my head dress. 1 0x10. Unframed. Mounted on board.

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