Melbourne songstress Tanya-Lee Davies is a heart-seeking missile, who specialises in dreamy / pop country / psychedelic folk sounds: big on melody, lush vocals and lyrics that cast spells.

Raised on a diet of Bacharach, Sinatra & Louis Armstrong, TLD found her own psychic home in the sounds of Laurel Canyon, Nashville and early 70’s New York.

Undaunted by polarising influences, she's wrestled her muses into shape one song at a time and arrives armed with patio frocks, a vintage casio, an acoustic guitar and gently takes you hostage via her 3 albums of TLD songs Perfect MomentBloomSuperdarling and a fourth, The Duetting Damsel, a compilation of duets by some of her favourite writers with 14 of her Gentleman Friends  featuring Stephen Cummings, Matt Walker, Rob Snarski and other vocal luminaries was released in 2018.


Post house arrest in the year 2021 that never was, she’s released two singles – KISS SOMEONEand LOVE TOWN– with a third to follow, as an entrée to her latest album DREAMLAND due out 2022. 


A collection of her albums and EP’s is luxuriating on her Bandcamp page. 



Some people say….

"You can tell when someone is born to sing. It's warm, fluid, infused with sincerity. Tanya-Lee Davies was born to sing. It's not a vocation it's an evocation ... she glides effortlessly between styles, nothing is inauthentic, she owns them all. She is a song."

Billy Baxter. Radio Presenter, Musician, Legendary human

“The first thing you notice is the voice - and when she lets loose on a song her soaring vocal plants a Spiny Norman fair square on the back of your neck.”  Steve Gordon Express Magazine

 Another clip from the Superdarling album - There There

My homage to all things Beatlesque - sitar driven, psychedelic, and a little antsy, the gal in this song lays down the law to the absentee lover. 

How I Ended Up This Way

Celluloid Heroics 

Irma La Douce

I love this Billy Wilder movie so much, i could  watch Shirley in her green underwear and stilettos forever. Jack Lemon is so crazy sweet and 1963 was a  good year.

Mining for Gold.
Musical wonder that wows me. Gonna be some old, some new, some light, some dark and some secret finds of mine.

Ricky Lee Jones - this broke my heart the first time I heard it and I still can't hear it without tears . And one of the most romantic lines ever -

"I will love the sound of my sheets, Oh, you have moved beneath them" Stewarts Coat.


Reading Material

Rickie Lee Jones is a poet and a wild child . Here words are like a river, I don't know where the river is heading, but I'm going with the flow,