In case you were wondering, I have loved...
Patti Smith, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, James Brown, Jenny Lewis, Liz Phair, Dusty Springfield, The Beatles; Japanese art & food, Mexican art & food. I'm mad for Rhythm and Blues, Country, Soul, Swing Jump stuff & pop music. I love Melbourne except for the cold.  I adore Irma Thomas, Freddy Fender & Hank Williams. Burt Bacharach and Hal are my heroes. Andy Warhol is a genius. The Pre-Raphaelites make me swoon. Clara Ward is a legend. I like to lounge around in patio frocks and eat fruit. Amy Winehouse turned everything upside down, including herself. I bought my first Janis Joplin record when I was 13. When I heard the Chantels my heart stopped, when I discovered Carole King and the Brill Building crew.... and Phil Spector and Girl Groups, I was transported to a heaven world. I could sit in a dark cinema watching celluloid for hours on end. If I wasn't making music or collages I fancy the idea that I would be a rich benefactor who funded fledgling film students and found the next John Cassavettes. Gena Rowlands, Robert Altman, foreign filmsters who I can't pronounce or spell, Lina Wertmuller and my latest girl crush Greta Gerwig all give me more than I ever gave them, sans the entry fee to the womb of the movie theatre.

I fell in-love with Black American music when i was about 16. I learned about Ray Charles from listening to The Animals and when I fell upon the R&B, country/gospel girl singers, i was floored and inspired to explore these crazy unkempt sounds. The Tanya-Lee Tones was the first of many combos designed to satisfy my hungry soul. I plundered songs by Irma Thomas, Betty Everett, Ruth Brown and unsung heroine Priscilla Bowman. I call this the beginning of an unholy love affair with an ungodly music.
I'm also mad for early Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Them, 60's pop music, Lou Reed, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette and Dolly. Bob Marley, Rock Steady, Donny Hathaway, Gil Scott Heron is a mighty man.
.... when I'm not country/souling it with my favourite players, I have an alter ego of the pop persuasion. She's chic and earthy, she tells tales tall and true & specialises in dreamy / pop country / folk sounds: big on melody, lush vocals and open heart surgery lyrics. Armed with patio frocks, acoustic guitar and a gently hypnotic artillery to take you hostage
she turns up the volume on Love, bows to the spirit of Carole King, Lucinda Williams & Bobbie Gentry while  giving a nod to some Bacharachesque harmonies. Her brief is to deliver sun kissed, psychedelic folk pop.

Some people say….

"You can tell when someone is born to sing. It's warm, fluid, infused with sincerity. Tanya-Lee Davies was born to sing. It's not a vocation it's an evocation ... she glides effortlessly between styles, nothing is inauthentic, she owns them all. She is a song."

Billy Baxter. Radio Presenter, Musician, Legendary human

“The first thing you notice is the voice - and when she lets loose on a song her soaring vocal plants a Spiny Norman fair square on the back of your neck.”  Steve Gordon Express Magazine

 Here's another clip / track from the Superdarling album - There There

My homage to all things Beatlesque - sitar driven, psychedelic, and a little antsy, the gal in this song lays down the law to the absentee lover. 

How I Ended Up This Way

Celluloid Heroics 

During the house arrest, I've been dining in watching SBS on Demand. My favourite series is a french murder mystery called Agatha Christie's Criminal Games. It's so chic, magnifique and delightful in every way. Beautifully made and full of beautiful and beautifully warped characters. 

Mining for Gold.
Musical wonder that wows me. Gonna be some old, some new, some light, some dark and some secret finds of mine.

Never get tired of The Ronnettes. Never. I could've gone for a more obscure track, but right now we need our security blankets and this is one of mine. 

Reading Material

Almost finished Beautiful Ruins, didn't fall in-love with this book until the second chapter, and then I was hooked. Cannot even begin to do a mini plot line for you, which is why it's so great, sub plots, side plots, subdivided plots, strata title plots. It's very clever & you'll enjoy it.