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Here's a song from my Superdarling album - Waiting and Praying.

I want to thank David Niven, Shirley Jones aka Mrs Partridge, & a cast of thousands for moonlighting on the clip for this love song featuring Bruce Haymes, Sam Lemann and Jeff Raglus.... and thanks Burt Bacharach for the inspiration.

June and July - Real Life Is Better Than Virtual Life - Real Life Opportunities 

I'm aiming for brevity this month, let's see how I go ....
Here are a few scenarios that you can find me in. I would love to see some of your faces somewhere, or all of your faces everywhere.

First up - behind the mic and on the airwaves June 28 - Sam Lemann, Steve Purcell, Bruce Sandell and myself will be doing a swift, action packed 20 minute live to air set featuring just a few of my favourite R&B female singers that shook me up and shaped me on Tom Sianidis 3PBS show JUMPIN' THE BLUES.
Tune in between 1-3.00pm

💥 July 7 I’ll have the fabulous Catherine McQuade on bass & vocals with me when we open for Mark Sinton at the swish LongPlay at 318 St Georges Rd, Nth Fitzroy.
 Mark’s songs are luscious melody drenched affairs. Cath & I will be playing new tunes from the next rekkid. Tickets are cheap as 🍟 and limited. Chic. Cosy. Be quick.

My super group A Country Mile and I head to The Union Hotel Brunswick, 109 Union St, Brunswick, on Sunday July 16 from 5-7. We'll be playing all the country flavoured songs I love with my hero's Sam Lemann, Shane Reilly, Rick Plant and Ash Davies it will be stupidly good so please come along.
Book a table here (03) 9388 2235 

Finally ..... the Adam and Eve clip I've been promising is here. I've loved editing this comic strip romance story together. Hope it thrills you.

That wasn't at all brief.
Love xx TLD


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