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Here's a song from my Superdarling album - Waiting and Praying.

I want to thank David Niven, Shirley Jones aka Mrs Partridge, & a cast of thousands for moonlighting on the clip for this love song featuring Bruce Haymes, Sam Lemann and Jeff Raglus.... and thanks Burt Bacharach for the inspiration.

SAME SPELL single launch at THE LOMOND HOTEL Sunday 31 July 5-8 

Same Spell is the latest dreamlike missile from Tanya-Lee Davies' DREAMLAND album.

Moody drums, baritone guitar, casio, spaced out pedal steel pulse and swirl around lyrics that call on nature and paint a picture of the one-ness of all things.

Head north to The Lomond Hotel, mecca of the Melbourne's music makers for an afternoon of dreamy country pop, hypnotic folk & spell weaving.

with Amy Valent Curlis - vibraphone /percussion      Ben Franz - pedal steel      Jo To - bass 

Tanya-Lee Davies - acoustic guitar / vocals    Maryanne Dihayco    backing vocals 

Tickets via

 Peace and love xx TLD


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