This page features some of my collages that now live with other people. These are available as digital prints on high quality 80gsm matt paper. 

And I love doing commissions so if there is anything here that you would like referenced, you can reach me via the address on the contact page. 

Bird Watching. Giant flowers threaten to overwhelm peaceful perchers.

Birthday Girl. Feeling awfully pumped in her new bikini and that smart little cap. Big future ahead of her.

Goldie. Happiness is a shark free zone.

In a Garda Da Vida. Fearless and floral, Querida travels alone.

Miss World. Overseeing the cosmos.

Wahini. Mistress of the ukelele, champion of the straw skirt.

Mai Thai. That's a painted bamboo arch she's dancing under. So happy in her alternate universe.

Midnight at the Oasis. Bathing in the moonlight was her favourite thing.

Slow Boat to China. From Hawaii to the coast of China, 578 island songs later.