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Here's a song from my Superdarling album - Waiting and Praying.

I want to thank David Niven, Shirley Jones aka Mrs Partridge, & a cast of thousands for moonlighting on the clip for this love song featuring Bruce Haymes, Sam Lemann and Jeff Raglus.... and thanks Burt Bacharach for the inspiration.


It's now the 27th of June and I've just released the second single from my album, which will be out, I hope, in September. I was excited about a party for LOVE TOWN at The Athenaeum Library on the 25th, but it will have to wait as another lockdown took us hostage in Melbourne. The tears have dried & the quest to share my wares continues.

I wish I had the energy for the pre save / order biz & some red carpet fanfare bcos it’s come together in a gently beautiful way thanks to everyone who played on it - Ash Davies, Dom Mariani, Ben Franz & Amy Valent Curlis + Roger Bergodaz’s mix & Colin Wynne’s mastering. I hope i’m not ripping it off by pushing it out of the nest sans gigs or promotion. But right now I think it's more important to keep putting songs out & hope you keep listening to them. You can visit Love Town on my music page on this site and head to Bandcamp, and, if you feel like taking more than a holiday there you can follow the links to the sales counter.

It's a folky acoustic, baritone guitar dripping, harmony laden tale of miles & misdemeanours. It’s bitter sweet. A bruised heart beats inside a sunny country pop vessel. I would love it if you feel moved to buy it, knowing that it's being heard and taken to heart is important in this current crazy clime. 

Been listening to and reading about Joni. My heart still breaks when I hear particular songs, there's so much magnificence it's hard to hold. I was very enamoured of the women singer songwriters of her generation. They seem like deities to me. My brain had a fireworks display all of it's own the first time I heard BLUE. An american girl played it for me, I was at art school, she was older and wilder and had lots of men fawning after her. It was all very exotic. We were in her apartment in Cottesloe in WA & she played the album & my 16 year old mind blew open in a brand new way. Happy Anniversary BLUE. Thank you Joni.

Over and out for now, 

love TLD HQ xxx


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Previous events

Tanya-Lee Davies single launch

George Lane, 1 George Lane, St Kilda

Tanya-Lee Davies' single KISS SOMEONE was written during a long cold lockdown in Melbourne – the winter of our discontent and 2020. A south of the border infected country/pop love song fuelled with yearning and longing for a little human touch. Recorded at her home studio while under house arrest, then sent to Ben Franz in WA for a gorgeous bass line, the final touches were added at Union Street Studios and mixed by Roger Bergodaz in Melbourne. Mastered by Colin Wynne at 30 Mill Studios. KISS SOMEONE will be launched on April 8 at GEORGE LANE.

Nitida Atkinson opens the night with one of her breath taking sets at 8pm.

The film clip, featuring lovers in lockdown from far and wide, will be on the big screen for you to feast your cinema starved eyes upon.

“Gorgeous!!!” Rebecca Barnard

“You can tell when someone is born to sing. Tanya-Lee Davies was born to sing, she is a song.” Billy Baxter ABC Radio

“Tanya-Lee has always sung with beautiful style and intent. This new song is a gem. Can’t wait to hear the album.” Jack Howard

"The single is gorgeous, I’m sure it will be loved and embraced by many.” – Flora Smith – Small Town Romance


Steve Lucas and Tanya-Lee Davies in song and conversation.

 —  —

The Athenaeum Library, 188 Collins St, Melbourne

I've been invited by Steve Lucas to sing and tell stories in what sounds like a very sophisticated affair, a salon no less; at The Athenaeum Library. I LOVE a library. Especially when you're allowed to talk. We'll be duetting, I'll sing on Steve's tunes and he'll accompany me on a few of the mine from the new album. This will be special.