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As Jim Reeves said, Welcome To My World. Glad you found me, I've been trying to find myself for years. Let's familiarise ourselves. Read my ramblings, check out my film tips, see what has inspired me so much I have to post about it; books quotes etc, discover what my YouTube hit of the month is. Experience envy while you peruse the patio frocks I've collected over the years, listen to my music, view my art gallery. Communicate via email or reach me courtesy of your psychic powers. x

Here's a song from my Superdarling album - Waiting and Praying.

I want to thank David Niven, Shirley Jones aka Mrs Partridge, & a cast of thousands for moonlighting on the clip for this love song featuring Bruce Haymes, Sam Lemann and Jeff Raglus.... and thanks Burt Bacharach for the inspiration.

Summer in Melbourne 

Still in the studio with maestro James Kilpatrick working on Superdarling's little sister. Not sure what I'll call her yet. Half way there. Pregnancy is so demanding.
... and 
The Duetting Damsel has finally arrived. There are a few preview tracks on the music page. You'll find the likes of Matt Walker, Rob Snarski, Steve Lucas, Dom Mariani and the grand Stephen Cummings singing love gone wrong songs with me and the gorgeous Soldiers of Love band Ash Davies, Monique Di Mattina, Sam Lemann & Rick Plant. I have 14 gents in all that I've lassoed into re-inventing some Hank Williams, Everly Brothers and Freddy Fender songs amongst a bunch of other tunesmiths. Andrew Baylor, Peter Baylor, Continental Robert, Benny Peters, Buck Lexton, Pete Busher and Rusty Berther all lend their dulcets to the boy / girl duet. 

She crawled across desert sands, climbed mountain ranges and courted fourteen men to get here, please don't ignore her after all that effort.

I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own.

Andy Warhol


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Previous events

Tanya-Lee Davies - Good Rockin' Mamas

The Dogs Bar - Acland Folk Club, 54 Acland Street , St Kilda

Good Rockin' Mamas is a series of shows that I'm lucky enough to be a part of. I have GOOD songs for you, not the ones I've written, but the ones by other people I love. Some of my favourite ROCKIN' girls; Betty Everett, Priscialla Bowman, Patsy Cline, Lucinda Williams & Irma Thomas will feature. I might sing MAMA You Been On My Mind. Let's get together for a musical menagerie. Women. Men. Dancers Listeners. Friends, Lovers, all welcome.

George Jones Love-In

The Gem Bar, 289 Wellington Street, Collingwood

On Saturday 19th Oct, I'm gonna be getting my GEORGE JONES love on at THE GEM BAR when we bow at the feet of the velvet voiced Mr Wynette. The band sounds so beautiful I want to cry into my beer. There'll sad songs, drinking songs, duets, more drinking songs, some honky tonkin' and then another drinking song. Come and full your cup with us Loretta Miller, Madeline Leman, Ben Mastwyk, Ben Franz, Callan James Walker and more more more