I met Matt via my brother Ash Davies, they had a duo that is still one of the most exciting things I've ever heard. They were kinda like the Stones meets trance meets voodoo. Lucinda Williams is a freak of nature writer and Matt is an out of the box singer, this was a perfect coupling .... all I had to do was stop crying long enough to sing this heartbreaker. We recorded our song at Matt's studio in Upwey and I felt like I was in Laurel Canyon. Hearing him and Sam play together is the cherry on the flour-less chocolate cake.


You think that I don't care, but you don't have a clue, and life is never fair, no matter what you do, and if you only the knew the thoughts I live with every day, and the peace of mind it costs me and the hell I have to pay. It's hard to take, this old heartache, and it's driving me out of my mind, and I can't take it, and I can't shake it, and it lives with me, all the time.
Lucinda Williams