Spring in Melbourne

... so there's been a slight hitch hasn't there? Something shut down the whole world. That album, is going to take even longer to reach your ears now. BUT .... I'm hoping that a single will be ready in the next month. Working on a film clip that I've managed to pull together by asking folks to use their phones, ipads etc to make short movies and send to me. 

I've also uploaded my first two albums to Bandcamp, so if you want to hear what baby me sounded like, drop by. The Duetting Damsel and Superdarling are still available on this very site AND.... if you visit my YouTube channel you can watch me prance, croon, lip sync my way through all sorts of songs, some I wrote and some I stole.

I can't wait to see you at a real live performance space of some sort, maybe before the end of the year?

Stay safe and stay in your groove, keep the faith and remember what the great John Cassavettes had to say........

“We don't take the time to be vulnerable with each other” 
― John Cassavetes

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  • Jody
    Jody Rezza
    Love it ! Xx

    Love it ! Xx

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